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Welcome to Money Back CFDs. Our sole purpose is to represent individuals who have lost money trading CFDs or Spread Betting.

Many people who have traded CFDs or Spread Betting have lost money.

Most individuals should not have had access to such a high risk product.

In other cases the firms involved have over exposed or over traded the client.

At Money Back CFDs we have a unique knowledge of the industry and therefore are very well placed to help you.

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At Money Back CFDs we have a unique knowledge of the industry and therefore are very well placed to help you.

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The world of compensation can be complex and tiresome.

There are specific rules and regulations, checks and balances that a FCA regulated firm must follow.

This starts from the marketing processes to withdrawal of funds.

Our job is to dissect each case to identify if any of these procedures have been missed or incorrectly completed. This process is undertaken by our industry experts.

Our team have cross level experience from trading to compliance.

Step one

Become a Moneybackcfds customer

Step two

Information gathering

Step three

Case analysis

Step four

Go through compensation process

At Moneybackcfds we do all the work for you and keep you up to date along the way.

If you have not kept any records do not fear, we can request any information on your behalf without you having to lift a finger.

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'Many thanks for the successful recovery of funds'
TM, December 2016

'Great job guys. I would thoroughly recommend Money Back CFDs to anybody.'
JS, October 2017

'Long ago I took positions with 2 CFD providers some of which were successful and some not. On reflection, I felt that I had been harassed with some of my selections and advised to make placements specifically to generate commission for the traders.

I ceased trading after taking substantial losses.

Along come Moneybackcfds to the rescue. Collating all the paperwork for the verification process was long and arduous but extremely worthwhile as I now (29th Nov 2017) have an extra £25,000 in my bank account!! Moneybackcfds seem to know just which buttons to press.

If you feel you have suffered similarly. then this is a retrieval service with real experience. I fully recommend you sign on. '
BW, November 2017

'I can highly recommend money back CFDs, I found there service professional, they kept me updated with status of my claim and explained everything clearly through the whole process. '
OM, December 2017

'I was contacted directly by MoneyBackCFDS in October 2017 regarding some “Advisory” CFD trading that I had undertaken in 2014. I had lost considerable sums of money and had long since come to realise that trading in this way was somewhat foolhardy, and had therefore ‘written off’ the money closing the relevant accounts, putting down the whole sorry episode to bad experience.

Following various protocols and my divulgence of relevant information regarding my trading practices., Oliver of MoneyBack CFDs took up the cause on my behalf and last week I received full compensation via the FSCS. I was elated.

There was minimal contact necessary with myself, Oliver working away on my behalf in the background. Any contact was professional, friendly, succinct and easy to follow. Even though, I held most of the relevant information in order to get the case started, Oliver progressed it to its ultimate conclusion. I would not have had the wherewithal to accomplish this on my own therefore I would fully recommend MoneyBack CFDs, in cases such as mine. It should also be noted that unless a positive result is achieved for their clients then the whole process is at no cost to the client.'
NL, April 2018

'I was involved with Money Back CFD’s, they have been very professional and helpful towards the process. I would recommend this company if you want to get your money from investing via CFD. It was a quick and very straight forward process. Thank you.'
AC, June 2018

'The possibility of compensation for my CFD trading came as a pleasant surprise. It was dealt with efficiency and speed and I was delighted to receive the promised compensation. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending money back CFD to any interested parties.'
DP, June 2018

'Thank You Money Back CFD's for getting me my money back and keeping me informed throughout the process which must have been time consuming on your part, but in the end a good result.'
DS, October 2018

'I have no hesitation in recommending Money Back CFDs Oliver kept in touch all through the process, was very professional and easy to deal with.'
PB, February 2019

‘Having been approached by Money Back CFDs offering to act on my behalf to recoup my losses with Blue Index I thought I have nothing to lose as I would not have known about the possibility of a claim if they had not contacted me. They have been very helpful and efficient throughout keeping me informed with the progress. I am pleased with the result and would recommend them for similar cases.’
PN, March 2019

‘First of all, thank you for bringing the possibility of a compensation claim to my attention. Secondly, thank you for dealing with the entire process on my behalf professionally, with patience and confidence of a successful outcome.

A 50% claw-back of money written-off, is better than 100% of nothing.

Well done - your half share of my claim award is well-deserved.’
AS, March 2019

‘Dear Oliver,
I felt i just had to write to you to thank you and your company for the way in which you handled my claim to recoup some of the money i lost with a trading company that had gone out of business owing me money. I had all but given up on getting any money back, so getting you to act for me seemed a good idea, how right i was you and your company [MONEY BACK CFDS] made the whole process painless and and the professionalism of all involved has been second to none. Once again thanks to all involved.’
AJ, March 2019

‘Thanks Oliver, what a nice surprise a refund on money I thought lost after my CFD betting fiasco, I would certainly recommend your service to others in the same situation, keep up the good work.’
AN, March 2019

‘I would like to recommend Moneybackcfds as a great company to use if you have lost money playing the stock markets on the advice of company's such as Blue Index. I would especially like to recommend and thank Oliver for his efforts in securing compensation for myself, thank you Oliver.’
WE, April 2019

‘Moneyback CFDs contacted me with regard to trading losses on my CFD account with Blue Index. I spite of the lack of detail which I was able to provide they were able to trace all the relevant information and in less than to 2 years were able to obtain compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. I had no work to do as they did everything. The work was done on a no win no fee basis so at no time did I have to provide finance. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone who feels they have been unjustly treated by brokers providing CFD trading services.’
AM, April 2019

‘Some years ago I was unfortunate enough to sustain significant losses on advised CFD positions. At the time I reluctantly accepted the losses. Some time later I received an unsolicited approach from Money Back CFD who undertook to investigate and perhaps submit a claim to recover some of these losses. There was no fee for this but an agreement to share equally any recovered sums.
I am pleased to say that they were successful, although it is quite a slow process. I would wholeheartedly recommend Moneyback CFD to anyone in a similar position. You have nothing more to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain.’
SS, April 2019

‘Very happy with the results from Money back CFDs, totally hassle free and very professional team, Oliver was more than helpful and nice to work with. Highly recommended this company.’
AF, May 2019

‘Having had several bad experiences with brokers in the past I was initially skeptical when someone called me from a company with "CFD's" in the name. However the customer service was great and they reassured me that the service they offer is no win no fee. There was very little work for me to do throughout the process and they ended up recouping nearly £2000 that I had long since written off. Great service throughout, thoroughly recommended.’
AWR, June 2019

‘Oliver asked for detail which I gave him and the rest of the work was done by him ,that work was considerable Well here we are now with money back in the bank everything in line with what he said .All I can say is thanks very much for all your hard work and I would recommend anyone in my position to trust in Oliver his word is his bond.’
JB, July 2019

‘Money back CFD's did a great job in getting the money that i had lost back from Prime Markets CFD management service . I didn't think it was possible to get any of the money back, but i thought i would give it a go anyway. Very pleased with the turnaround. Thanks Oliver’
CN, July 2019

‘It is with great pleasure that I thank you for the work and effort you, and no doubt your team put in on my behalf, The whole process was conducted professionally and open, with regular updates as to how things were progressing, even when the first application was refused, they continued and eventually got me my money back. I was very impressed and would highly recommend Money Back CFDs to anyone thinking of going down this avenue.
Highly delighted.’
RD, July 2019

‘After being contacted by Money Back CFDs I have received a very pleasant and professional service throughout the process of seeking compensation from various financial services firms I had had the previous displeasure of doing business with. Would highly recommend anyone who is seeking a similar result to use this company’
SH, July 2019

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